Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BR 2-9

It is the story there is a selfish giant. He is so big and strong but everyone do not like him.
One boy said him you are strong so you should help everyone. 
 So he helped many people so they think that he is a kind man.
 I think that it is very important to help many people and one boy is so strong.
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Oscar Wilde

Monday, January 19, 2015

My circle

This is my circle, it names Aokatsu. I am a leader of it. When I entered KGU, my friend, Eisuke asked me to enter this circle. First I thought that everyone is very kind and I want to get along with many people. Two years later, I became a leader. It is very interesting but there are many programs. I did not think many things in circle. There are many people so it is very difficult for me to see everyone.
 I want people to enjoy this circle and I want them to glad to enter it. Also I think that there are many things to become a leader so I want to learn many things.
 At last I love my circle and I want to retire with smiling.
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My memory

This is the picture is that I went to play basketball with my friends. First I am not good at playing it but there are not people in this team. I do not have my shoes so I only use of it of school. I was laughed by many people and I was very embarrassed. When the game started, I did not move at all and I suffered. But I could play it and I contributed this team. I was very glad and I thought that I want to be good at playing.
 I will practice it and I want to do my best next time. Now my hobby is to play basketball.
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My memory in America

This is a picture is that I made a friend in America. I went to musical with my host family and he is a friend with them. I was introduced by them and I could get along with him. First I thought that he is very tall and I have never seen like him. So I feared him but he is very kind man. I talked about many things. When I said that I am Japanese, he spoke Japanese things and he said that he likes Japan very much. I have forgotten him and I want to meet again and I want to talk about many things.
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

My memory

This is the picture that I went to the sea with my friend last summer vacation. When I waked up, my friends come to my house and we went to there. It is still cold but we swam in the cold sea. There are many cute girls but we could not speak to them. We are not encouraged. I want to go to there in this summer and I want to speak to cute girls.     Also I want to go to there with cute girls not to only boys. It is important for people to play something with friends. I think that friends are very important.
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My friend7

This is my friend, her name is Yukano. She is a same circle so I met her. She is very kind and interesting. I talked her many things. For example I talked about circle, shopping and romance. I have been to shopping food with her. She eats many foods and can eat a lot of foods so it is very interesting to go to many places.
 Also I think that we are good relationship each other and I want to go to something place. And I want to talk about many things with her in the future. I like her very much.
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BR 2-18

 Hannah is a diver in the small town. He likes swimming and he is good at swimming. When he is a young, he is the best swimmer so she decided to become a swimmer. It is very dangerous work but he think that saving people is his role.
 One heavy runny day, he is at his home. Soon the phone rung and one boy dropped in the river. He run and left there. It is so dangerous for usual people. But he swam and he saved the boy.
 I think that he is very cool and I want to be like him so I want to work something people help.
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